So Pricey: Gucci Mane Is Sued By Diamond Company For 240K Worth Of Unpaid Jewelry


Just because you look like money doesn’t mean your pockets are deep.

That much can be said for rapper Gucci Mane who is accused of not making good on 240K worth of lent diamonds. 

A&A Diamonds of Georgia are suing the southern rapper because they claim that they loaned him $240,000 worth of jewels and he never paid for or returned them.

A&A loaned Gucci a pinky ring, a necklace and bracelet and he agreed to pay the balance in 15 days or return the stuff and he did neither.

A&A filed suit, Gucci never showed up to court and A&A won a default judgment for $270,000.00 in April.

Gucci hasn’t responded to the suit.

Stay Tuned.