SMH: Brian McKnight Gets Even Raunchier With A New Song On Anal Sex [Video]


Brian McKnight has officially fallen from R & B grace as the singer has released a second explicit song — this time explaining to listeners how to get some anal pleasure.

TMZ reports:

Brian wrote the track for as a thank you … after the porn mega-site sent sales of Brian’s “p**sy” song through the roof. You know the lyrics by now. Everybody, “Let me show you how your p**sy works. Since you didn’t bring it to me first.”

So the folks at YouPorn suggested Brian could show his gratitude by writing them an anthem … and boy did he deliver.

We won’t post all the lyrics — just listen for yourself …. but here’s a taste … “You wanna see some f**king anal, I can get you close enough to smell.”

Check out the audio below.


Stay Tuned.