Sister 2 Sister Magazine Says Tami Roman Is A Liar


On what a tangled web Tami Roman weaves.

In the season finale of Basketball Wives Tami Roman insisted that she had transcripts of Jennifer’s conversation with a Sister 2 Sister editor proving Jen made disparaging remarks about Evelyn.

Sister 2 Sister says Tami is a bold face liar.

From Sister 2 Sister:

‘Sister 2 Sister’ did not send out transcript of conversation with Jennifer Williams Contrary to what you may have heard, Sister 2 Sister did not send a transcript to a member of the “Basketball Wives” cast.

On the season 4 finale of “Basketball Wives” it was implied that Sister 2 Sister gave Tami Roman a transcript of a conversation that Publisher Jamie Foster Brown had with Tami’s co-star Jennifer Williams. We would like to state that those accusations are wrong.

There is no transcript of the exchange that we believe Tami is talking about at the 14:25 mark.

We never had that talk typed out because it was off the record. Simply put, Tami could not have read a copy of the chat because it does not exist.
S2S did post a story that included comments Jennifer made during her exchange with Jamie, which was republished by a number of sites. It is possible that

Tami was referring to one of those postings. We would also like to inform our readers that Tami is no longer writing an advice column for our magazine. The last edition of “Ask Tami & Lyric” is in the June 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

Tami girl – get it together.

Stay Tuned.