Rihanna Finds A New NBA “Friend” To Pass Her Time With |Rumor|


If you can expect one thing from pop star Rihanna, expect her not to give a da*n.

The singer seems to have let the boys Chris Brown and Meek Mill fight it out about her over twitter – as she has already found her next plaything for the moment.

The NY Daily News reports:

We hear the danger-loving Barbadian beauty [Rihanna] and the ballplayer [JR Smith] have been quietly keeping time together for weeks, and one down-South source tells us that they were “definitely hanging out” in Miami this weekend after Smith’s run-in with cops there on Thursday.

Smith, 26, was picked up in South Beach on an outstanding bench warrant for driving without a valid license. He reportedly bonded out on Friday, in plenty of time to hang with the pulchritudinous pop star over the Memorial Day weekend, and that coincided with the culmination of Urban Beach Week, which the Miami Herald called “South Beach’s biggest party of the year.”

Our source says Rihanna, 24, partied at LIV nightclub in Miami’s Fontainebleau Hotel Sunday night and was joined there by Smith.
Rihanna’s former flame Drake was also in the building and was photographed with the sexy stunner, who is once again sporting raven tresses after posting semi-nude photos of herself as a blond on the Internet.

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