Forget What You Heard: Jennifer Williams Will Be Back For Another Season Of ‘Basketball Wives’


Let the ratchetness continue – as Basketball Wives will be back for another season. And just in case you thought the show would loose some of it’s controversial members… 

The woman who started a thousand boycotts on the show, Jennifer Williams, will be returning to collect her check.

The rumor that Jen wouldn’t be back was somewhat started after the last episode of BBW when Jennifer wouldn’t come out of her bungalow and Evelyn revealed that Jen’s accounts were frozen, her heat was turned off, and she was having unprotected sex with random dudes.

Jennifer had posted on her blog that she was truly over it and glad that the season had come to an end.

The blogs took that to mean, Jen wouldn’t be back – but now Jen’s people are confirming she WILL be back for Season 5 — so plan for more hair pulling, barefoot table walking, fights, slaps and overall ratchetness.

Stay Tuned.