Bad Habits: Chris Brown Takes Advantage Of Fans On Webcam + Has Girlfriend Joyride w/ His Groupies [Video]


They say old habits die hard, but in the case of Chris Brown – bad habits never leave.

Such is the case for the young pop star who took advantage of some naive fans and even went as far as to have his girlfriend endure a groupie joyride. 

Here’s what a few fans had to say when they got on webcam with the singer.

From The National Enquirer:

“Chris Brown is a complete jerk who is demeaning to women,” fumed Ashley Reilly of Montauk, N.Y., in claiming that Brown and fellow R&B singer buddy Tyga were vulgar and degrading to her and her friends during the 20-minute online chat session.
And she has proof!

The irate 23-year-old released screen shots of the chat exclusively to The Enquirer.
In them, Brown crudely asks Ashely, a receptionist, and her pals Mackenzie McCann, 20, and Alexa Schwer, 18 to expose themselves on the webcam.

We were starstruck at first when Chris and Tyga appeared on the screen and started talking to us – we were jumping around like little kids,” Ashley admits. “But seconds later, the completely creeped us out.

“He and Tyga acted like stupid, horny 14-year-old boys rather than the superstars were knew them as. We were completely offended when he asked us to show him our booties and breasts.

“Even worse, we look young, and he had no clue if we were minors or not!”

SMH. Not to mention – C. Breezy needs some major girlfriend etiquette as well. Check out how a night on the town with his girl turned into an unscheduled joyride with his groupies.

Chris Brown was recently caught leaving the club with girlfriend Karrueche Tran and a gang of girls and the look on Karrueche’s face when Chris puts her in the front seat while he piles in back with the other girls is just… PRICELESS.

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