Shaunie O’Neal Teams Up With Shaquille’s Jumpoff To Cash Him Out


You want to know how Stella got her groove back?

It sure wasn’t sitting around waiting for her ex to do right by her. Just ask Basketball Wives executive producer, Shaunie O’Neal – who’s all about getting what’s  rightfully hers. 

In 2010 right in the middle of her divorce from Shaquille O’Neal, Shaunie O’Neal linked up with one of Shaq’s many jump-offs and prepped the girl with the information she needed to file suit against Shaq for harassment, so Shaunie could cancel her pre-nuptial agreement.

Need a recap? Radar Online explains:

Since Shaquille O’Neal’s estranged wife Shaunie signed a pre-nuptial agreement, she needed proof of Shaq’s infidelity to get more money from her divorce settlement, so she hired a private investigator. After being presented with text messages and voice mails of Shaq harassing his longtime lover Vanessa Lopez, Shaunie approached Vanessa with a plan.

Shaunie told Vanessa she would share the info she got from her PI with her if Vanessa would go foward with harassment charges against Shaq.

They say, and by they I mean Radar Online, that Vanessa declined at first, but later took Shaunie up on her offer and hired Gloria Allred to represent her in a harassment suit against Shaq.

Based on that, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out Shaunie was the one who leaked those text messages from a different jump-off [other than Vanessa] that started the ball rolling on her divorce from Shaq.

Major chess move for Shaunie because if you recall, it was Shaq who was trying to divorce Shaunie two years ago amid rumors that she’d bought her Cuban trainer a love nest and was hiding money and assets!

And not surprisingly, Shaunie was able to work her way back into Shaq’s good graces all the while planning her getaway at a more favorable time.

Fast forward to today. Radar Online reports the update:

A trial date is set to be scheduled in a lawsuit that was filed against Shaquille O’Neal by his former mistress, Vanessa Lopez, is exclusively reporting.

Lopez filed the lawsuit against O’Neal in Orange County, Florida, for intentional infliction of emotional distress and assault.

Lopez says Shaq started harassing her shortly after she told him she thought she was pregnant.

The former NBA center initially accused her of sleeping with someone else and when she broke off their relationship, she claims the threats began. Shaq tried to get the lawsuit dismissed, but was denied.

In the suit, Lopez claims she was the victim of a number of scary incidents — most notably a threatening text that Shaq allegedly sent to a friend of his saying, “dis is da numba shut dat b*tch up!”

Lopez says the friend responded with a text saying, “consider it done famo.” The friend then jumped on a plane to Orlando, Florida, and allegedly texted Lopez before calling her on her cell, sounding “menacing and sinister.”

Seems like Shaunie got her groove back in a major way… $$$$

Stay Tuned.