Willow Smith Gives Up Her Music Career To Pursue Ballet?


Kids will be kids.

And so seems to be the case for Will Smith’s daughter Willow who is ending her pop career to pursue ballet. 

Will Smith explains his daughter’s epiphany to late night host David Letterman:

“We really tell them (the kids) they are allowed decide what they want, (and) when they want to do it… We were out in the middle of the huge Justin Bieber tour, Willow is out there and it’s great, and in the middle of the tour she had an epiphany that she wants to do ballet.”

“I look at her and I say, ‘Baby, can you do ballet after the tour?’ and she said, ‘No daddy, I really just love it, I’m so inspired…”

“She just loves ballet. She’s doing ballet all day, everyday and she just loves it.”

Guess it’s okay to let a child do whatever she pleases nowadays. O_o

Stay Tuned.