Read Between The Lines: Queen Latifah Has Nothing To Hide About Her Sexuality


Actress and hip-hop icon, Queen Latifah performed at the Annual Gay Pride Festival in Long Beach last Saturday where she made quite a few vague references to being with ‘her people’ which was widely reported that she was finally out of the closet. 

According to EUR Web, as soon as she took the stage Lafitah told the crowd that she had been ‘waiting to do this for a long time’ and that she was happy to be around ‘her people’.

Truthquake reports:

Queen Latifah also made a series of hand gestures that slipped past the media.

Apparently during a break between songs Latifah pointed at the crowd with two fingers and back and forth to her eyes, then she balled her hand into a fist and pounded her heart and then she made the international symbol for keeping a secret with an index finger over her lips.

While she still hasn’t officially confirmed anything – she’s definitely saying something – even if it’s in Gay sign language?

Stay Tuned.