Fact Or Fiction: Details Emerge On Why Chris Brown And Rihanna Really Called It Quits


It appears that Rihanna’s camp is interested in giving up the full details on what exactly went down with Rihanna and Chris’ break up.

While many believed that they were on track to getting back together, it seems that Chris Brown had something totally different planned for the pop princess.

According to an insider from Rihanna’s camp, RihRih was the one to finally dump Chris Brown because he refused to give up his new girl Karreche Tran.

From Hollywood Life

“Chris was not willing to end his relationship with Karrueche, even though he made Rihanna believe that he was still madly in love with her,” the source says.

“Chris is the one who initially reached out to Rihanna begging for her forgiveness. He was incredibly sweet to Rihanna at the beginning, telling her how much he missed her, how Karrueche could not even compare to her, how he wanted to make things work.”

In fact, his tactics were beginning to work. Despite the fact that he assaulted her two years ago, Rihanna started collaborating with Chris again — even coming out with a remix to her song “Birthday Cake” and seeing each other out at clubs. However, all of their steps forward came to a screeching halt.

“Rihanna would have gone back to Chris, but once she realized that he still had so many anger issues and that he was never planning on leaving Karrueche, she pulled the plug on the relationship,” our insider explains. “Chris basically wanted to have his cake and eat it too.”

“When Rihanna finally told him that she was going to start seeing other people if he wouldn’t commit, Chris freaked out and started acting out,” the source says. “His ego just took over and he basically told Rihanna that she was a slut. And then he released that song about Rihanna sleeping around.”

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