Shots Fired? Lil Wayne Responds To Pusha T’s Young Money Diss Song


There was bound to be some rap beef ignited this summer.

And G.O.O.D Music artist Pusha T took it upon himself to add fuel to the already visible flame last night in his new song, Exodus 23:1 which apparently took shots at Young Money. 

Pusha T tweeted his new song Exodus 23:1 from the Cannes screening of Kanye West’s new film ‘Cruel Summer’.

Pusha spits:

“Contract all f—ed / Explain up I guess that means you all f—ed up / You signed to one ni— that signed to another ni— that’s signed to three ni— / Now that’s bad luck”

Shortly after the song dropped Lil Wayne Tweeted the following.

And just in case you think this came out of nowhere – here’s a little history lesson:

Pusha T and Drake have a history of exchanging words via wax, and Pusha T may be responding to Drake’s slight jab on Meek Mill’s “Amen” track.

On “Amen” Drake raps:

“G.O.O.D ain’t good enough, and your hood ain’t hood enough.”

So Pusha throws jabs at Drake on Exodus spitting:

“Contract all f*cked up, I guess that means you’re all f*cked up/You signed to one n*gga, that signed to another n*gga, that signed to three n*ggas, now that’s bad luck.”

Then Pusha also comes at the Young Money general Lil Wayne, rapping:

“Jeremy Scott’s all camouflage, you can’t hide it from yourself career sabotage/I was really in that Travelodge, you just lying through your catalogues/Where the blood and the battle scars, we the ones the judge juggling them gavel’s on.”

Let the summer begin.

Stay Tuned.