Usher Raymond Breaks Down In Court Over Bad Dad Claims, Says Tameka Attacked His New Girlfriend


Usher and Tameka Raymond’s child custody battle reached an all time messy high yesterday after Usher testified in court that Tameka once attacked his girlfriend Grace and tried to spit in her face.

Plus, the singer also had an emotional moment when he was questioned about his un-fatherly ways. 

It all started when Usher brought his new girlfriend Grace Miguel with him to drop off one of their sons at Tameka’s house. Usher testified in court that once Tameka realized Grace was with him she went ballistic and went out to his car to confront her.

Usher says Tameka told Grace,

“I’m gonna kick your ass. Bitch get out of the car. How dare you bring this woman into my subdivision in my house?”

“She continued to spit. At this point she pulled the door open, tried to swing at her.”

Usher claims Tameka finished her tirade by throwing a plate of food at him.

Shortly after, Tameka’s lawyer brought out photos of the singer partying in Europe in February in which Usher was accused of partying all night – rather than staying home and being a good dad.

Usher was also grilled about his alleged drug use. The singer admitted to smoking pot in the past, but when the subject turned to his alleged ecstasy use Usher’s lawyer objected.

Usher insisted he never used drugs in front of the children — an allegation Tameka made early in their custody fight.

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