Family Drama: Patricia Houston Does Not Want Bobbi Kristina To Accept Billboard Award On Whitney’s Behalf


It’s never good when families fight. Especially when it’s over accepting an award for a passed member.

Unfortunately, that seems to be the case for Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law — Pat Houston — who has decided to wage a war against Bobbi Kristina because she desperately wants to accept Whitney’s Billboard Music Award on her behalf. 

TMZ reports:

Pat is trying to force herself into the spotlight by accepting Whitney’s Millenium Award at the ceremony in Las Vegas tonight … and producers of the show are pissed.

The show really wants Bobbi Kristina to accept the award and make the speech on the late singer’s behalf … but Pat won’t stand for it and is making life hell for them as she tries to worm her way into the segment.

The show’s producers feel Bobbi Kristina is the best choice to represent Whitney’s legacy and they’re convinced Pat is simply exploiting the situation to get publicity for her upcoming reality show.

Wowzers. Let Whitney Rest In Peace ya’ll. Stay Tuned.