It’s A Cold, Cruel World: Pastor Marvin Winans Gets Robbed And Car Jacked In Detroit


Grammy Award winning singer and pastor Marvin Winans was carjacked and robbed at a gas station on Wednesday afternoon in a rough neighborhood on Detroit’s west side. 

According to reports Pastor Winans pulled into a gas station at Davison and Linwood driving a $72k QX56 SUV and wearing a $40k Presidential Rolex watch. Unfortunately his attire and appearance made him an easy target for the locals to take advantage.

Pastor Winans told local media he had a bad feeling when he walked into the gas station and noticed several teens giving him the eye but decided to pump his gas anyway.

Interestingly, Pastor Winans informed his congregation last Sunday not to vote for President Obama in the next election because of his stance on same sex marriage.

Hopefully this wasn’t an account of rough justice on the pastor.

Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned.