Publishing Company Offers Gayle King 10 Million To Write Tell-All Book On Oprah


The rumor-mill has recently been reporting tension between Bffs Oprah Winfrey and Gail King. Enough tension that a few publishing companies are inquiring if they can Gayle King to write a tell-all book on Oprah — for 10 million dollars. 

The National Enquirer reports:

A publishing insider told The ENQUIRER. “It’s a looming possibility that Gayle would be willing to sit down and write the memoir because of recent stress in her relationship with Oprah.”

Gayle, 57, currently a co-anchor on “CBS This Morning,” has seen her career take off in recent months, while 58-year-old Oprah has been locked in a desperate struggle to keep her OWN network afloat.

“It’s a source of tension between the women,” said the insider.

“Publishers are hoping that with her to stay at the pinnacle of fame, Gayle will agree to write what they are certain will be an instant best-seller. And $10 million is a fair number if she’s willing to disclose some of Oprah’s closely guarded secrets.”

Of course, MSDTV will keep you posed. Stay Tuned.