You Gets NO Love: Chris Brown Deletes Meek Mill From His Upcoming Album |Rumor|


According to the “Bro Code” you don’t mess with a bro’s ex. And for singer Chris Brown — Meek Mill flagrantly broke the code when he was spotted at the strip club with his ex Rihanna. 

Mill is apparently paying the industry’s consequences for his error.

When the track listing for Chris Brown’s upcoming album Fortune came out a few months ago, there was a song on there with Meek Mill called Don’t Judge Me.

Now it is rumored that the song has been deleted.

According to The Jasmine Brand Meek’s track was taken off of Chris’ album and Mill knows exactly why. Still clueless? Well last week the rapper admitted the rumors surrounding him and Rihanna were ruining his life.

Guess a good girl gone bad will do that to you.

Stay Tuned.