Shaunie O’Neal Apologizes for the Lack of Balance on ‘Basketball Wives’ |VIDEO|



After watching the clip after the break you can finally say you heard it from the horses mouth. Shaunie O’Neal says she’s sorry about the lack of balance on VH1’s “Basketball Wives.”


The current season has been riddled with Black on Black, and girl on girl violence; the majority which has been directed at Jennifer Williams, Kesha Nichols, and Kenya Bell. The number one perpetrators have been Evelyn Lozada, and Tami Roman (who swore up and down the producers made her look like a bully … yawn).


The backlash against the show has been immense; with lawyer and media personality Star Jones calling for a boycott of the show. It seems to be working. During the reunion show taping, O’Neal addressed violence on the top rated reality show.


VIDEO: Shaunie’s Statement


Read O’Neal’s official statement below:

“This has definitely been a heated season. “Basketball Wives” is filled with a lot of strong personalities with months, weeks, days and hours condensed into about 45 minutes each episode. Unfortunately, a lot of these personalities have clashed and let their opinions and emotions overwhelm them which has at times gotten the best of them, escalating into physical confrontations.

As this group has been blessed with strong, smart, independent, sassy women with as much passion as vocabulary, there’s NO excuse for physical violence. So the cast, SHED Media and Vh1 have done a gut check, to stop allowing physical violence demoralize the show and impose a no-physical violence policy.

Personally, I almost didn’t come back to the show but I thought it was important for this to be said as some of the past actions this season I have not agreed with, it’s not what I stand for and never have. So moving forward, we have agreed to better the show, still with plenty of drama and fun (how can we help that?!) but with a more responsible attitude all around. This is important for me specifically as an executive and what I do and don’t attach my name to, as a grown woman, and as a positive role model to my kids. “


Do you believe Shaunie O’Neal is being sincere, or do you believe she’s trying to quell the fire the violence on the show ignited?


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