Cissy Houston Hopes Reality Show Boosts Bobbi Kristina’s Career



Months after the passing of Whitney Houston, her family is getting their own reality show on Lifetime.


TMZ reports the matriarch of the Houston family, Cissy Houston is excited about the show because she believes it will give her granddaughter, Bobbi Kristina’s singing career a boost. As many know, Bobbi Kristina has taken an interest in  singing and has showcased her talent for the vocal arts via YouTube.


We’re told … Cissy also believes a reality show will “help with the healing process” by “keeping the family as one.”


The elder Houston may also be excited because family members will be getting paid to appear on the show.


Do you see dollar signs, and hear cash registers ringing? We do too.


Let’s hope Bobbi Kristina makes the best of this golden opportunity.


SIDEBAR: Why didn’t OWN pick this up? It could have been what they needed to get out of the hole.


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