Basketball Wives Tami Roman Puts Her Cyber Bullies In Check


Basketball Wives Tami Roman does not like it when you call her out of her name. And it doesn’t matter if she has a history of doing it herself – you just better watch your mouth around her. 

Tami Roman recently talked to Sister 2 Sister about being bullied on Facebook and Twitter:

“You don’t have to follow me on Twitter. You really don’t. You don’t have to like me on Facebook. You don’t have to do any of that.”

“If you disagree with how I handle something or the way a moment went down, you can say that and you don’t have to call me a bitch. You don’t have to call me a lowlife. You don’t have to call me a hood rat. You don’t have to call me out my name to get your point across.”

“I can take any type of criticism as long as you’re respectful to me, but people have a tendency to chastise and belittle us and not really realizing they’re doing the [bullying],”

If you can’t take the heat…well you know the rest.

Stay Tuned.