Usher Covers Billboard Magazine And Talks About New Girlfriend Grace Miguel


Usher Raymond is on the cover of Billboard Magazine and in his interview officially acknowledges his girlfriend / manager Grace Miguel. 

Billboard reports:

[Usher] also has new management behind him. Grace Miguel of Coup D’Etat/URIV Group now heads up his management, taking over from AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips, who briefly managed Usher after the star relieved his mother, Jonnetta Patton, of managerial duties a second time in late 2008.
Miguel also happens to be romantically linked with Usher — which only strengthens the extended family vibe of his overall team, she says. “Usher’s core team is run like a family who inspire each other to reach our full potential and have each other’s backs, while we create the foundation for his monumental success,” Miguel says.

We Tameka needs to finally get a clue now.