Terrell Owens Faces Off Against Baby Mamas On Dr. Phill


In a failed attempt to try and redeem himself as a father figure, NFL star Terrell Owens faced off with all three of his baby mamas on the Dr. Phil show yesterday. 

During the session, the three women gave the run down on Terrell’s lackluster fatherly involvement.

They called him an absentee father who refuses to buy Christmas presents or birthday gifts because he believes it should be included in the child support.

One mother complained Terrell has only seen their 7 year old daughter twelve times in her entire life.

Another claimed Terrell wanted all the siblings to meet for the first time on his reality show so he could project a false image of himself as good father.

Each said Terrell has gone for an entire year without seeing their child.

Terrell claims all three women are gold diggers who only care about money and blamed his short comings on his upbringing.

Sadly, nothing was settled by the end of the show – although he did receive a brief reunite with some of his children.

Stay Tuned.