Pilar Sanders Produces Audio Recording Of Fight In Court Confirming Deion Intentionally Hit Her


Pilar Sanders may get a “fair shake” after all as evidence is seemingly piling up against her estranged husband, Deion Husband.

In the recent court proceedings Pilar produced an audio recording of the entire argument leading up to the physical confrontation and it appears Deion attacked Pilar because she told him to shut up and called him a bi*ch.

From WFAA reports the play by play:

Testimony resumed after lunch. Larry Friedman, Pilar’s attorney, finished cross-examination with a few questions poking more holes in Deion Sanders’ statements.

FRIEDMAN: You told Good Morning America you never touched Mrs. Sanders. Is that true.


FRIEDMAN: But that’s not the truth. You did touch her.


FRIEDMAN: You told TMZ you would never touch a woman. But that’s not the truth because you did touch Mrs. Sanders on April 23, 2012.


An audio recording of the April 23 argument between Deion and Pilar Sanders was just played in court that challenges some of Deion’s testimony and provides the first clear picture of the fight that led to the dramatic hearing underway right now. The recording lasted 26-minutes and begins with the sound of a piano playing. Pilar said it was the piano instructor playing. But Deion maintains that the piano instructor was not even in the house that day. Deion insists the person playing the piano was one of his sons.

On the recording, Pilar sounds calm when asking to see her 10-year-old son at Deion’s bedroom door. “I can’t let you in,” the couple’s 12-year-old was heard saying. “I’m not asking you to let me in,” Pilar said without raising her voice. “I’m not going to go in. Can you open the door? I give you my word.”
The children sounded torn between the mother and father and were upset at their fights. The 12-year-old said his little brother was not going to come see his mother despite her pleas. “I’m his mother and this is the last time,” Pilar told the 12-year-old. “Tell him to come here and stop disrespecting me, his mother.”
Deion can then be heard calmly saying “Please get out of my room.”

“Shut up,” Pilar responded to Deion. “You don’t walk away with my kids! You hear me? They’re my kids. You want to kidnap my sons?! I have not seen them since Friday!” Deion kept repeating “please get out of my room.”

“Shut up!,” she said. On the stand, Deion shook his head up and down as if he remembered it.

“I don’t care about your daddy,” Pilar told the 12-year-old as he pleaded with her to leave him alone. “He means nothing to me. I’m trying to be very nice. This is still my house.”

“You’re the king of lies, Mr. Cheater!,” Pilar continued. “And you’re going to have my kids around the person you’re cheating with? You kidding me?!,” she exclaimed.

“Let me see my sons, please!,” Pilar continued. “I want to see my son that you kidnapped for three days. You did not have sole custody of him. You cannot do this,” Pilar said.

Deion again repeated calmly to Pilar to leave his room. “Shut up b***h!,” Pilar said.

No sooner did she say that than Pilar began screaming. Her legal team said her reply set him off and in reality she did not leap at him but he attacked her. It sounded as if a commotion or fight might have been underway. Pilar was screaming.


“You’re such a little b***h,” she added as Deion screamed back at her. “You’re a sad excuse for a man,” Pilar told him.

“Get out of my house, please,” Deion continued. “Stop!” she said. Deion sounded like he lost his temper. “This ain’t no man!,” Pilar told her oldest son about his father.

Moments later, Prosper police officers arrived at the house and separated Deion and Pilar.

Looks like Deion might need a better defense. Stay Tuned.