Fight Recap: Justin Bieber’s “Money Team” Debut, Plus Fighters Get Mobbed By Fans Outside |Photos + Video|


Sometimes the company you keep says a lot more than your status in the game. That can essentially be said for pop star Justin Bieber who was personally enlisted by boxing champ Floyd Mayweather to help escort him along with rappers 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and the wrestler HHH as honorary members of his entourage at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas for his welterweight title fight against Miguel Cotto. 

Bieber and 50 Cent carried Mayweather’s championship belts to the ring in pre-fight introductions and sat ringside to take in the festivities, in which Mayweather defeated Cotto in a 12-round unanimous decision. After the fight, they took to the ring again to celebrate with the bruised champ.

Bieber, a surprisingly avid boxing fan struck up an unlikely friendship with the outspoken Mayweather, and congratulated the champ after the fight. Check his entrance into the stadium below.

Plus right after the fight, a mob scene engulfed the boxers in the parking lot. Check the footage below.

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