Will Smith Funds Private Scientology Taught Learning Academy, Shells Out $1.4 Million


As reported by MSDTV Tisha Campbell recently parted with her wedding dress to help raise money for Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s New Village Learning Academy and now we see the reasoning behind her generous donation as Will is practically paying for the entire school out of pocket.  Forbes Magazine  reports:

For three years, New Village Leadership Academy never filed a Form 990 as a school, so it was hard to track their finances. But now a Form 990 Federal Tax filing has suddenly emerged on Guidestar.org just for the year 2010. It shows a few things of interest.

For one, Smith donated $1,235,000 to the school in 2010 from his WSJ Trust, not from his publicly scrutinized foundation. That’s why it never showed up before.

Basically, Smith’s donation almost covered the $1.4 million non specific salaries listed for the school.

Under salaries, NVLA lists just two educators, both with Scientology backgrounds.

MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned.