Guilty Conscience: Deion Sanders Charged With Trying To Destroy Evidence


Earlier this week – Pilar’s best friend Dee Boswell revealed that she had recorded footage the night Pilar and Deion Sanders got into a fight. And now cops are charging Deion with trying to destroy evidence that proved he assaulted his estranged wife. 

CBS 11 explains:

Sources told CBS 11 News that police in Prosper filed criminal charges against former Dallas Cowboys star Deion Sanders on Wednesday night, for allegedly trying to destroy evidence related to a domestic disturbance at his home.

Sanders will face a Criminal Mischief charge for allegedly smashing the smartphone of his wife’s friend, who was recording an altercation between Deion and his estranged wife, Pilar, last week.

Stay Tuned.

The memory card from that smartphone is in the custody of police, and could be used as evidence in an investigation of the couple, trying to determine just who assaulted who.