Who Invited Her? Kim Kardashian Gets Cold Shoulder At Tribeca Film Festival Dinner


Kanye West is happy to show off his new “accessory” girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. Unfortunately some of his fellow celebrities aren’t as excited to see the reality star and would prefer if he kept her out of their presence. 

The NY Daily News reports:

KANYE WEST and Kim Kardashian may be highly compatible, but their brands are not.

The rapper drew double takes Tuesday night when he showed up at Chanel’s Tribeca Film Festival Dinner at Odeon with his new squeeze — but not because they’re the media’s latest celebrity obsession.

Word quickly traveled among the chic crowd that Kanye was supposed to come solo to the dinner, which also drew Robert De Niro, Liv Tyler, Val Kilmer, Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber, and he probably should have.

One guest says Kardashian “was really out of place” at the Tribeca bistro.

Ye may need to slow his role with Kim. Stay Tuned.