Interview: Camilla Poindexter; the ‘Bad Girls Club’s’ Cali Cutthroat on Reality TV, Giving Back, and Getting Ahead



Two weeks ago Camilla Poindexter was thrown into the lion’s den, and reality television spotlight when she replaced troubled twins Gabi and Dani, who were jumped by their good-natured ratchet housemates on Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club.” If you’re not familiar with the show, just re-read the title; it’s pretty self-explanatory.


Dubbed “The Cali Cutthroat,” Poindexter¬† definitely lived up to her name. After a very chilly welcome from the majority of the roomies, to a naughty encounter gone terribly wrong with bestie-for-a-second, Amy; things finally came to a head, and the Cali Cutthroat had to regulate.


Since Poindexter’s departure from the house in Las Vegas she’s been making the rounds. The Cali Cutthroat has been in demand to host parties, make appearances, and hold autograph signing sessions. Poindexter isn’t sleeping on her overnight success; she’s taking acting classes, and plans to host and produce her own show sometime in the near future.


Luckily MSDTV got a hold of Ms. Camilla Pondexter before she sky rockets to stardom. We got the skinny on what it’s like to be a real bad girl. It turns out that while The Cali Cutthroat can throw down, she has a heart of gold.


MSDTV: How did you make you way to “Bad Girls Club”?

Camilla Poindexter: I auditioned for the New Orleans season and they didn’t end up picking me for the show. They said they’d use me as a replacement but they never called. Then I got a call in September 2011 saying, “hey do you want to come to “Bad Girls.” At that time I was doing other things in my life then I was like alright, it’s only two weeks.


Why do you believe the girls were so adamant to get you out of the house?

I didn’t know how the girls were until I was able to watch the show. I didn’t know what they were doing this to the girls before they got to the house. I was just trying to be myself but they were being standoffish, not trying to be my friend and not talking to me so I took it upon myself to be by myself.


What was your first night like in the house? We saw it all play out on television but please give us your rundown, not the edited version.

That night me and Christine met up at a little bar, and we had some drinks. Then we went to the house; we met the girls. The girls were being mean to Christine because of a comment she made. After that she was feeling like “oh my God, they don’t like me.” From the very beginning I was trying to get her to stay, telling her it was an experience and not to let the girls get to her. Once we got in the house they were looking at us like we were Boo-Boo the Fool. Then after that we went out. Partied. Came back in the house and she was okay [Christine]. The morning after was another thing.


How do you believe your nickname reflects on you, on the show?

I’m from California, and I took no shit from the girls so they called me Cutthroat.


Do you feel as if you’ve been living up to that name?

I’m not really a fighter or anything but when you are put in a situation like “Bad Girls Club,” and you have no TV, no phone and you are surrounded by girls who are stupid and just want to bitch all day; then you do certain things to people because they test you. People should not take kindness for weakness, that’s what I think.


With a lot of reality TV shows, after people leave they’ll say things like,¬† “producers egged us on,” or “producers said this, or that to us.” Does that happen on “Bad Girls?”

The show is produced, it is a reality show. It’s not scripted. They just put you in certain situations where you don’t like a certain girl but you’re in a room with them, and then a confrontation comes up. It’s just crazy. [There are] a lot of behind the scenes stuff, and a lot of things television viewers aren’t able to see, so it makes it juicy. So I guess that’s what makes it have ratings.


Is this your first try at stardom? Have you always wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry?

Yes, I’ve always wanted to be in the industry. I did dance, I was in plays when I was younger. I just always knew I wanted to be in television and entertainment. I’m modelling. I want to act more; that’s what I’m getting into now. I feel thankful. I’m blessed.


What do you think about the portrayal of women; specifically women of color with regards to reality television?

I think some of it is negative, some of it is positive. In the reality world it’s just crazy. As a Black woman, even when I went on “Bad Girls,” I felt as if the girls didn’t give me a chance to let them know who I was. As far as being a Black woman they should have been open to being my friend, or just knowing me because of the struggles we have to go through every day. They were just so focused on being on television that they didn’t really go with reality. That’s why I was really hurt in the end; you guys didn’t try to befriend me, you guys just tried to attack me. I did what I had to do, and I defended myself. It can be really negative in the end but you can take it in a positive direction too by becoming a name; starting something for yourself; and branding yourself.


What are your thoughts on shows like “Basketball Wives,” where they’re on the show throwing fits, shoes, bottles of wine, and so on?

I used to like “Basketball Wives” a lot but now it seems as if there is no point in it. They’re just always arguing but people can say that about “Bad Girls.” I thought it’d be different on “Bad Girls” too. They [“Basketball Wives”] just fight a lot. What’s the purpose? It just seems like they go to dinner, have an argument, and that’s it.


People know what they’re getting when they watch “Bad Girls Club,” because it’s called “Bad Girls Club” whereas with “Basketball Wives” you figure these women are older; some of them have husbands; children and so on … that their demeanor would be a little different.

Right, all I can say is the reality world is crazy. You just have to take it for what it’s worth. Actually, I kind of stumbled upon being in a situation I didn’t really know I was going to get into when I went on the “Bad Girls Club.” I thought I was going to party, drink, have fun, meet guys! It was totally different. I was like, “wow!”


Looking back, would you do it all over again?

I would do it all over again if it was not as violent. These days people are killing people. Children are watching what’s on television, and doing what they see. When you’re younger you need to see positive things, and I think the “Bad Girls Club” should try to transition their show into something more positive as far as not fighting so much. Make it more of being bad girls; having fun; going out. If you’re going to start something don’t fight amongst the house.


Who do you think is the baddest girl in reality TV history?

I would say me. I’m not really bad but I think I am definitely the baddest girl. I came to the house, and I was strong. I stayed by myself. I was in the house for two weeks by myself. No one was speaking to me and I held my own.


I mean in reality TV history ever, not just in the house.

There are so many of them. The one I like the most is Snooki but I don’t think she’s bad.


She’s gotten into some scraps here and there; she’s got a bad attitude and some bad girl swag.

Right, right.


Being the baddest chick doesn’t mean you are the one throwing the punches. You can just have that attitude or, that swagger.

Yeah, I’ll give it to Snooki. I like her. I’ll give it to Tami [Roman], too. She says what she wants.


You’ve been getting requests to do parties, signings and so on, but where do you see yourself after “Bad Girls Club?”

I see myself on the big screen, working on television, hosting and maybe producing my own show. My ultimate goal is to be [in] entertainment, and to give back. My mother had lupus, and my grandfather died of cancer. I want to start a foundation so I can give back to people that are going through the same thing I went through with my mother, and grandfather.


Can you tell us more about the work you do with kids in Compton? Is it with a specific organization?

It’s a school. My god-sister helped me get into it. She works with a non-profit organization. I’ve only been there for a couple of weeks, and we help them with their homework. We talk to them because they have no sense of direction; their parents are on drugs; or don’t care about them. They are not attentive to them. We go and help them out; make them feel loved. Make them feel like they’re worth something.


What do you prefer; being a bad girl role model, or good girl role model?

I really defended myself. I can say that I was a victim because they were attacking me. I just want people to stand up for themselves, and I guess I am the bad girl that helped out, and I think that’s great. I don’t want to be know as the girl that went around fighting people because that’s totally not how I am. I’m such a sweet girl. Everybody that knows me personally knows exactly how I am. Everyone loves me. I’m loveable.


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Photo via NBC