That Ish Cray – Literally: French Socialist Candidate Uses “Ni**as In Paris” As Campaign Theme Song |Video|


Jigga may get more of a welcome than expected in Paris this summer when he travels there for his upcoming “Watch The Throne Tour”. Socialist candidate François Hollande is using Jay Z and Kanye West’s hit single ‘Niggas in Paris’ in his campaign against incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in the 2012 French presidential election. 

Hollande’s use of Ni**as may be seen as crass, but to Parisians the song is more of a dig at Sarkozy who has a notoriously poor relationship with the impoverished community.

As the song plays in one of Hollande’s campaign ads, diverse members of the French voting public hold up their voter registration cards.

According to reports — Hollande is leading in the polls. Check out the video below.

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