Carmen Bryan Blasts Nas On Song About Their Daughter, Says Stop Treating Destiny Like His Artist


Nas recently released his new single called ‘Daughters‘ from his upcoming album ‘Life is Good’ talking about mistakes he made with his 17-year-old daughter Destiny. While the song may have been a way to explain her behavior as well as his mistakes to his fans, his daughter’s mother, Carmen Bryan –  did not take kindly to the song that put their child on blast.

Carmen Bryan, went on twitter to air out Nas about his song and his irresponsibility to his daughter, Destiny.

Carmen also addressed Nas and her critics on Twitter:

Im a mother first, and if Destiny is upset about something-that makes me upset.

I think he really didn’t realize how the song would affect Destiny. He should have allowed her to hear if first.

His short coming was humiliating her in public by rehashing the mistakes she has made via a song. Not right.
…humiliate our children on wax for the mistakes that they make. Who does that?

I didn’t hear anything positive in that song.

That song was created b/c he felt like he owed his listeners an explanation. Period. And I don’t.

He doesn’t owe his fans an explanation with regard to what goes on with Destiny, she is his daughter not his artist. Period.
That’s why he addressed. He cares what you guys think about him. That song was for YOU..not Destiny.