Tyra Banks Fires Original America’s Next Top Model Team, Says Show Needed A Boost


Last Friday Tyra Banks fired mainstay judges, J. Alexander, Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker from American’s Next Top Model. Now the model turned mogul explains why she gave her team the ax. 

Here’s how it went down according to Page Six:

Model turned media mogul Tyra Banks swung the ax at her longtime “America’s Next Top Model” co-stars J. Alexander, Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker yesterday, dismissing three of the competition’s longest-running personalities in one fell swoop. Sources tell Page Six that the three mentors were informed yesterday morning that their contracts would not be renewed for the next season. Barker is a photographer and a judge on the program, while Alexander helped contestants work the catwalk as the “runway trainer.” Manuel served as the show’s creative director. All have been with the program since its inception, in 2003.

Tyra explains why she had to do it to Access Hollywood:

“We reached a point where we feel the show needs a new boost.”

“It’s very difficult because I love my guys, they’re my guys. They’ve been there since the beginning of the show.”
“My partner Ken Mok and I have projects we’re developing, and we’re a family, it doesn’t end.”

Do you find this believable, or just another stunt by Ms. Banks?

Stay Tuned.