Ish Just Got Real: Lil Boosie Lyrics Will Be Used Against Him In His Upcoming Murder Trial


Well, well, well. It looks like rappers will be held accountable for what they say in their music. At least in a court of law that is – as a judge in Baton Rouge has ruled that rap lyrics from Lil Boosie songs can be used against him in his upcoming murder trial. 

Torrence ‘Lil Boosie’ Hatch is accused of hiring hit man turned snitch, Michael Louding, to murder rap rival Chris “Nussie’’ Jackson. Now it seems as if the prosecution just received a big break in their defense as they are claiming the murder was premeditated as heard in his songs.

In a four hour pre-trial hearing held yesterday a judge ruled that three specific lyrics containing the words ‘murk’, ‘187’ and ‘cake’ could be used against Boosie during his trial.

This obviously doesn’t fair well for Boosie. The trial is set to begin set to begin on Monday, April 30. Stay Tuned.