No Holds Barred: Cam’ron Calls Kim Kardashian A H*e On Twitter & Offers Pics As Evidence |Photos|


Not everyone is going to be happy about Kanye’s new relationship with Kim Kardashian. Prime example – rapper and now possibly former friend Cam’rom Giles who seemed to be less than enthused about Ye’s new woman who he considers to be an official hoe. 

Last week Harlem rapper Cam’ron Giles promised to drop a song a day for thirty days and since nobody took much interest, he took a shot at Kanye West by calling his new girlfriend a hoe.

A few days ago Cam posted a picture of Kanye’s new boo Kim Kardashian doing that thing she’s famous for, and commented on how Kim uses that same mouth to kiss babies and how it was a sure sign that hoes be winning.

Ye is due explode in 5, 4, 3, 2, and ….

Stay Tuned.