Wiz Khalifa On Kanye’s ‘Way To Cold’: “I Would Probably Be Rapping About [Amber] If She Left Me Too”


Seems like Wiz Khalifa is getting the last laugh.

In a recent interview Wiz Khalifa was asked what he thought about Kanye West’s continued obsession with Amber Rose, specifically his latest single ‘Way Too Cold’. 

Wiz says he sympathetic to Kanye’s obvious obsession.

In the song Kanye raps:

“The whole industry wants to fuck your ex chick, Only nigga I got respect for is Wiz”

Wiz certainly didn’t take offense and offers the reason he thinks Kanye is still talking about Amber.

Wiz says:

“You know why? Because she’s dope. She tight. I would probably be rapping about her if she left me too.”

Guess Wiz is over it – and Kanye, well he’s working towards that … we hope.

Stay Tuned.