Brian McKnight Receives Backlash On New Adult Song, Offers A Statement In Defense |Video|


Last night Brian McKnight took to his youtube to preview a song for his adult mix-tape featuring the chorus ‘let me show you how your pussy works.’ And as you can imagine, fans were not too receptive of his grown-up content. 

Here’s a perfect example of when keeping it real goes wrong:

After some intense backlash (check the comments and the twittersphere), Brian offered his defense via twitter:

“It’s funny how we listen and let our kids listen to songs about killing people and selling drugs and calling women bitches. ”

“I wrote this song crude as it may be about satisfying all women and look what happened.”

“It’s for all those women who keep getting disappointed by their partners period it was a parody about that. ”

“I’m not being defensive it’s just sad to think that one parody could wipe out 25 years of work.”

Hopefully Mr. McKnight can get it together. Stay Tuned.