Kanye West Clears Up Statement About Kim K. — “No, She Is NOT My Beyonce”


Kanye West is backpedaling once again — this time about a comparison he “allegedly” made between Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. As you can imagine, it didn’t sit too well with Jigga. 

US Magazine reported that Kanye West though of Kim Kardashian as his Beyonce. Kanye reached out to the magazine to set the record straight.

Kanye tells Us Magazine:

“…of course there are a lot of media inaccuracies surrounding this past couple of weeks, especially the ‘She’s my Beyonce’ quote. I would never compare anyone to my friend’s wife.”

“Come on now, that doesn’t even sound like me. If I don’t say something in a rap or on Twitter, it’s not true.”

Jigga obviously got in that ass if you ask us (no pun intended).

Stay Tuned.