Jaleel White Wants A Gag Order On His Baby’s Mother — ASAP


Jaleel White is not happy that his baby’s mother has been taking away his shine from “Dancing With The Stars”. The actor has recently been in the news for allegations that he is a violent and vindictive man to his ex, Bridget Hardy, and their child. Now it seems as if the DWTS contestant has had about enough from Hardy – as he is requesting a judge to legally shut her up. 

In 2010 Jaleel White was investigated for punching his child’s mother, Bridget Hardy, in the breast implant — which the actor was eventually cleared.

But it seems that soon after his first appearance on the current cycle of Dancing with the Stars, Bridget began giving interviews rehashing her version of events.

Bridget tells Radar Online:

“He’s trying to go to court for a gag order so I can’t do anymore interviews. They served us today. My lawyer just called me 10 minutes ago.”

“I wasn’t planning on doing anymore interviews, but really, you want to create more drama?”

Drama is the exact word for this messy public feud. Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted.

Stay Tuned.