Iggy Who: Azealia Banks Rocks It Out At Coachella |Video|


Rap star Azealia Banks is working hard to put established femcees to shame. Although she doesn’t have an album out yet, rap lovers and indie sites have pretty much co-signed her as the second coming of hip-hop–without the pop star antics, fake lyrics and beats. Plus, as seen after the break, the young emcee puts on a great show. 

With only the support of her DJ and a few dancer, Azealia Banks was able to draw one of the largest crowds at Coachella over weekend.

Billboard offered:

Playing to a packed house at 3pm, Banks performed to her largest crowd ever, assuaging them with bass-heavy beats and raunchy rhymes. (Azealia later cleared up the technical difficulties saying her DJ accidentally skipped 2 tracks..so she just went with it.)

The L.A. Times gave their review:

She was four bars into her single “… up the Fun” when she flexed just how skillful her rhymes were: precise, full of grit and wholly original in a way that can’t be learned or rehearsed, despite what a few of the new ladies (er, Kreayshawn) on the scene might think.

Her set conjured up a sweet era of mid-’90s rap when under-appreciated fem-cees like Foxy Brown, Da Brat, Charli Baltimore and Rah Digga along with singular forces like Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah and, yes, even Lil Kim, represented the girl who got down, dirty and raunchy but never dived too deeply into the waters of pop in search of hits.

Nice. Check out her energetic performances of “212,” “F*ck Up the Fun,” “Firestarter,” and ‘Barbie Sh*t” below: