Nicki Minaj’s Father Responds To Nightline Interview, Family Says He’s ‘Devastated’


Nicki Minaj’s father is completely devastated over the rapper’s recent comments that she wanted to “kill” him when she was a child — and now, he wants the world to know he’s not the monster who she made him out to be. 

In the recent “Nightline” interview, Nicki literally threw her father Omar under the proverbial bus — stating that her dad was a drug addict and alcoholic who often threatened to kill her mother and even went so far as to burn down their house.

Nicki explained:

“I wanted to kill [my dad]. I used to wish he was dead … ‘We were afraid for my mother’s life because whenever he would have a real bad outburst he would threaten to kill her.”

But family sources told TMZ, Nicki’s anecdotes are grossly exaggerated. While Omar admits he had anger issues when she was a child he insists it never reached the point Nicki described in her interview.

According to the family sources, Omar never knew Nicki felt this way about him and he’s absolutely crushed she decided to air her grievances in the media.

The family says Nicki’s father still loves her very much and always has.

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