Lil Wayne Talks Upcoming Album And Re-signs With Cash Money


They say you shouldn’t mess with a sure thing. And for Cash Money Records’ CEO Bryan Baby Williams, — rapper Lil Wayne is as sure as it gets. Wayne recently revealed he will be staying on Cash Money for another four more albums. 

Weezy tells MTV,

“I just resigned another four-album deal, so my next four albums is coming out with Cash Money.”

And expect his next album to focus on his favorite subject, “Love” or at least the concept of it. Wayne recently told MTV his upcoming album will be called, “Devol” which is “Loved” spelled backwards.

Wayne explains:

“It’s my version of love songs. And what I mean by my version of love songs is they’re not saying I love you”.

Um okay Wayne. Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned.