Love And Hip-Hop’s Yandy Confirms Pregnancy + Details On Baby’s Father Emerges |Photos|


VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” Season 2 newcomer, Yandy Smith, just showed the world her baby bump and confirmed she is indeed with child. And although she seems happy about her soon to be addition, she has not made an effort to  reveal who the baby’s father is – which leaves us curious about why so much secrecy. Of course, MSDTV has the scoop – and it ain’t pretty. 

Yandy was put on baby bump watch over a month ago with her various club hosting gigs giving fans the confirmation that she was on her way to motherhood. And despite her denials, the reality TV star and manager now wants to make her pregnancy public.

Last night (April 11th) she posted her pic (above) on Instagram (in the same Givenchy dress LaLa & Fergie rocked recently) saying:

“You wanted to know now you know!!!! #POW”

And although Yandy hasn’t confirmed who the father is, we do know she has a long time boyfriend who she has lived with for years.

Now it seems that the real reason Yandy has been closed mouth about her pregnancy is because of the baby’s father identity.

The guy behind Yandy in the photo is her alledged baby daddy Mandisi prounced Mandeecee. Rumors report that he likely going to jail. explains:

Yandy’s baby will be an Irish twin. If that ain’t dirty enough Mandisi had another girlfriend and she had a daughter that he helped raised for almost six years. He even help pay for the house they’re living in. Mandisi old girlfriend found sexually text messages of Mandisi and her daughter when her daughter was just 15 at the time suggesting that they were fucking. She filed charges so that is why Yandy is not happy to share her joy with the world. She is pregnant by a damn child molester.

Yikes. Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted.

Stay Tuned.