Mo’Nique Thinks Her Dog Crap Lawsuit Will Ruin Her Reputation


Last week, we reported that Mo’Nique and her hubby were extremely mad at their landlords. Now Mo’nique wants to wrap this lawsuit ASAP because it’s not a good look for her reputation.

TMZ has more on the story:

Mo filed legal docs in the case last week — claiming she’s an “Oscar-winning actress, television host, and otherwise public figure” … and the bitter lawsuit’s crushing her good rep.

The landlords fired back with their own legal docs last month, including several emails in which Mo’s hubby Sidney accuses them of being alcoholics and using illegal workers. The landlords accuse Sidney of smoking weed in the house.

Now, Mo says the lawsuit has become a massive embarrassment — and her landlords are capitalizing on the national media attention by throwing fuel on the humiliating fire.

Mo insists the personal email exchanges filed by her landlords had NOTHING to do with the case — and will only serve to “unnecessarily harass, embarrass, and cause public ridicule if the record is not sealed.”

Mo’Nique says leaving the case open constitutes a violation of her privacy — and the judge must have agreeed … because until further notice, the case has been sealed.