“American Idol” Champ Ruben Studdard Wins Again – In Airtight Divorce Settlement


They say that no one really wins in a divorce. But in the case of former “American Idol” winner, Ruben Studdard – he came close to an outstanding victory against his newly divorced wife, Zuri McCants.

According to reports, Ruben had filed for divorce in November from his wife Surata Zuri McCants, citing irreconcilable differences. Although the divorce was finalized in January, Zuri tried to get the judge in their divorce case to nullify the prenup. McCants claims that Ruben blindsided her with the documents just days before the wedding, unfairly pressuring her into signing them.

Fortunately for Ruben, the judge wasn’t buying it as he upheld the prenup, and awarded Zuri with what she came in to the marriage with — almost nothing.

According to the final judgment, Ruben was not ordered to pay any spousal support or alimony ¬†— and he gets to keep their home plus all his belongings — jewelry, pensions, royalties, clothing, and all his cash. It was even ordered Zuri return the engagement ring.

Meanwhile, Zuri gets next to nothing — her wedding dress, her photo albums, a 2006 BMW (which Ruben will pay off), a 10k property settlement, 2k for attorneys fees and her maiden name.

Wowzers. Of course MSDTV will keep you posted.

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