Another Singer Files A Lawsuit Against Kanye West


Weeks ago, Chicago blues man Syl Johnson filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement against ‘The Throne.’ Now Kanye West is getting sued by Thin Line Between Love and Hate singer Robert Poindexter…Robert Poindexter claims Kanye sampled his song ‘Trying Girls Out’ for the ‘Girls Girls Girls’ remix that appeared on Yeezy’s Freshmen Adjustment 2 mixtape.

A cleared version of Trying Out Girls was used for the official Girls Girls Girls on Hov’s album The Blueprint. Poindexeter wants to be compensated for the version that appeared on the remix as well.

Poindexter says he tried to settle the issue without going to court but Kanye refused to cooperate.

Poindexter is aiming to cash in half a million dollars for the damages.