You Just Lost One: Lauryn Hill Gives Cape Town A Lackluster Performance, Fans Leave Mid-Concert


You have to know you’re doing pretty bad when your own fans leave in the middle of your performance. Such was the case at Ms. Lauryn Hill at the Cape Town Jazz Festival over the weekend. 

According to Captial FM – Lauryn Hill had the crowds leaving by the packs:

Dressed in a flowing purple and auburn silk skirt, brown turtle neck, black leather jacket and too many accessories too count, Hill belted out tracks that seemed less than familiar with the crowd – or perhaps, the crowd simply wasn’t feeling the revamped musical arrangements.

Hill continued her set with multiple interruptions, alleging that sound problems prevented the crowd from “hearing her.” At one point, Hill even left the stage to speak to someone backstage.

By the end of her 3rd track, disgruntled audience members began streaming out of the packed venue and headed to the other headlining acts on the 4 remaining stages. Die-hard fans left the concert and took to social media to express their disappointment.

Is it too early to say it’s over for Ms. Hill? Stay Tuned.