Manny Pacquiao’s Charity Is Getting Sued


The Manny Pacquaio Foundation is learning the hard way. Used clothes do NOT count as “relief goods” in the Philippines.

Manny’s charity is being sued by a logistics company which claims they were hired by the MPF to ship several containers filled with “relief goods” to Manny’s home country back in 2009.

But according to the lawsuit:

“The containers were inspected by the Philippines authorities and found to have contained used clothing rather than relief goods and have held such containers as a violation of Philippines law.”

The logistics company mentions the clothes never made it to the people in need because they were confiscated by Philippine officials.

In the lawsuit, the company says Manny’s Foundation is using the incident as an excuse to dodge the $35,805.36 bill!

The shipping company is now demanding the full payment, plus interest.

Calls to the Manny Pacquiao Foundation have not been returned.