Back At It Again: Karrine Steffans Pens New Book Of One Night Stands And Alcohol |Photo|


Jesus be a fence. Karrine Steffans has started her own publishing house and her first piece off the presses is an anthology of one night stands fueled by alcohol. Sounds like a tragic in the making. Check after the break for real debauchery to unfold. 


Drink F**k Sleep is a collection of essays depicting regrettable sexual experiences wherein alcohol was involved either before, during, or after. With gripping, personal accounts of tragic, heart-wrenching, sexually boundless, ultra-erotic, emotionally numbing, mind thrilling, and scintillating experiences, the featured writers narrow the divide between what people project and what they protect. It serves as a series of precautionary tales, as well as proof of life and the parallels of the human condition, regardless of our socioeconomic stations.

Having seizures yet? Read more excerpts here .

Stay Tuned.