Rumor: Did Will Smith Save Tyrese From Michael Bay’s Directing Wrath?


Transformers director Michael Bay may have a valid reason to separate himself from singer/actor Tyrese Gibson. According to, an   alternative story line was written by the director where Tyrese was supposed to be killed off in the first few scenes of the Transformers film, Dark Side of The Moon. So how did Tyrese manage to preserve his role in the popular film? 

According to HSK, Tyrese was cocky, arrogant, and attempted to talk down to Michael Bay who decided to put the young arrogant actor in his place. reports:

When Tyrese got the script and saw he was killed in the first scene he immediately called Michael Bay and asked why. That’s when Michael Bay was like f*ck you! you tried to treat me like shit etc and hung up in his face.

Tyrese then called Will Smith, Will Smith called Bay on Arrogant’s asshole’s behalf and when Will Smith heard how Tyrese was acting on set, he called Tyrese and checked his ass. He made Tyrese shadow him on set for about 3 weeks. It was hilarious Tyrese looked like a jail house bitch and was quiet as a church mouse.

Will Smith saved Tyrese’s job on that film. That’s why Michel Bay can’t stand his ass.

Why this is all speculation, it does seem to add reasoning of why Michael Bay put out a restraining order against Gibson.

Of course, MSDTV will keep you updated. Stay Tuned.