Vladislav Doronin’s Wife Says Naomi Campbell Is The Reason For Their Pending Divorce


Vladislav Doronin and Naomi Campbell have previously stated that her longtime estranged wife was OK with their relationship. But recently, the soon the be ex-wife, Ekaterina is wiling out of control and blaming Naomi for their current pending divorce.

This sounds funny since the couple has been separated for almost ten years. That’s BEFORE Vlad & Naomi starting seeing each other.

The billionaire businessmen has been dubbed the “Russian Donald Trump” amongst the business world. Maybe Ekaterina and her lawyer are planning something to get more money in a settlement.

What’s even crazier is that Vlad used to date a lady seven years ago and the wifey was cool with that too!

A close friend from the situation said,

“Naomi is pleased that Ekaterina has finally agreed to give Vladislav a divorce, but she is upset she is planning on blaming her for the marriage breakdown. She is no homewrecker,’ says a friend. ‘The truth is that Vladislav had been separated from her for a very long time when he and Naomi got together.”

Ekaterina recently reported,

“It’s a ridiculous affair. Vladislav is married to me and we are still a couple. Naomi is deluding herself if she thinks she can take my husband.”

At the 2:49 mark, watch Vlad and Naomi talk about marriage during a 2010 Oprah show.