Octavia Spencer Slims Down By Help Of Gastric Bypass Surgery? |Rumor|


Actress Octavia Spencer has had a very eventful year. The actress recently snagged the coveted Academy Award for best supporting actress, and now “The Help” star is allegedly meeting her health goals via a popular, yet risky – weight surgery. 

The recently awarded actress has been loosing a lot of weight over the past year – and according to the National Enquirer, the dramatic weigh loss was due to a gastric bypass surgery.

While Spencer is reported to be maintaining her new figure, the Magazine is claiming that additional weight loss will not be attainable since her diet reportedly hasn’t changed.

With her 5 ft 2 in frame, Spencer weighs 165lbs.

The Inquirer reports:

“The problem is Octavia is always hungry, and she doesn’t want to eat a salad or fish for dinner,” the magazine’s source said. “Octavia likes her favorites – fried chicken, mashed potatoes and hot rolls with plenty of butter. Once you have that surgery, you can’t eat like that.”

The source went on to describe how the actress’ craving for fried chicken was once so extreme, she blended the meat so that she could enjoy it on her liquid diet.

“Soon she was doing that with everything she liked,” they said. “Before long, she was back on solid food and her stomach stretched out.”

Octavia Spencer has not confirmed or denied the report. Stay Tuned.