Kim Kardashian Gets “Flower Bombed” At Her Fragrance Premier [Video]


Kim Kardashian was flour bombed yesterday at the London Hotel in West Hollywood for an event promoting her new fragrance line, True Reflection.

The reality star was walking the red carpet when a woman threw a white powder at her from behind, covering her back and her hair. During the incident, the attacker shouted, “Fur hag.”

Kim went to a private room, took the jacket off, brushed the powder off her hair and returned to the event.

According to TMZ, PETA was not responsible for Kim’s flour bomb attack, but admit they are very supportive of the attacker.

A rep for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals tells TMZ:

“It was not [us]. We were given the video by an anti-fur activist on the scene.”

A rep for the organization explains:

“PETA has tried everything from polite letters to public protests, but Kim Kardashian has not been moved by the news that animals are beaten, electrocuted, and even skinned alive for real fur garments. Whoever threw that flour may reach her when our polite appeals did not.”

Check out the video below. Of course MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned.